Just as I believe that each and every person is amazing, I also believe that each of us has something to offer the world, each of us has a mission. I feel blessed to have found mine. While I truly love to create my cookies, I view them as a sweet doorway to connecting to people. And when I get the chance to connect, I am launched into my mission of empowering and inspiring others to recognize that their life truly is amazing. Its easy to get caught up in the daily routine of existence and to lose sight of the wonder of it all. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes illness has the fantastic ability to awaken us to the beauty that surrounds us. Reaching out to others is a wonderful reminder to myself to dream big, have fun, share love and laughter, be kind.

My mission is not confined to cancer patients/ survivors/ caretakers but it is true that I often find myself in that population – whether through a chance encounter on the street or as a speaker for a fundraiser or in email correspondence with people around the world. If I can be of service or if you are looking for a speaker for your event, please EMAIL ME.

Below you will find a series of videos that I created in 2007 to help women with the challenge of hair loss during chemotherapy. There are also scarf kits that contain the basic scarf/skull cap for those who need a little help getting started with what I like to call “scarf therapy”. For a kit simply email your request to the above address.

Thank you all so very much for being alive on this planet with me!

Love + cookies,


Part 1: Before the Scarf – Shaving it all off

Part 2: Basic Scarf Tying Instruction

Part 3: Scarf + Hats

Part 4: Elegant Head Scarf Solutions

Part 5: Broach Approach to Scarves

Part 6: Final Word on Scarf Tying