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The business name is a little “different”. Is there a story? Explain please.

The “Victory” part of the name is taken from an amazing fundraiser that my friends and family threw for me during my chemotherapy days. The entire community gathered together for an evening of eating, drinking, music and a silent auction – the best party than I’ve ever been to in my life, truly. They called it the “Kristy Greenwood Victory Fund”. When it came to naming my business I knew that I wanted to bring that same loving energy to my customers so I named it Victory. The love and cookies part are who I am, what I try to put out into the world. So there you have it – its a bit of an equation: love + cookies=Victory.

I’m coming to Denver. Can you tell me about your location and hours?

VLC is located inside The Denver Bread Company in the West Highlands neighborhood of Denver. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this community. West Highlands is home to several wonderful independent businesses – restaurants, boutiques, specialty shops. I can’t play favorites; let me just say that you don’t want to miss all of the treats that await you on 32nd Ave. As for hours, we are open seven days a week: 10 – 6 Sun through Friday, 9 – 5 on Saturdays.

How sustainable / responsible is your packaging?

As I type this, it would be easier to point out what isn’t recycled / eco friendly, than what is. The stickers are the only part of VLC’s packaging that is not either made of post consumer waste, compostable, or reusable. And thankfully, recycled / sustainable does not mean “boring, bland, unattractive”. The cookies available for retail are packaged in compostable cello with recycled paper ribbon. If you would like your purchase to look more “gifty”, just say so and we will be happy to make your purchase pretty, while still maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

Do you take credit cards?

Just proving here that an old dog can learn new tricks: YES!! VLC does take credit cards at the front counter as well as online and for phone orders. (The Denver Bread Company remains cash and in state checks only.) All orders need to be placed at least twenty four hours in advance and you are welcome to request to pay with a credit card at that time. Also, all special orders need to be confirmed verbally. Please call 303 455 7194 and I will be very happy to work with you.

Do you offer a gift option?

There are a myriad of choices for dolling up your purchase. The online site offers gift packaging but if you are local and would prefer to pickup your cookies on a plate, that is also possible. Please call if you would like to talk about options.

How often do you bake?

By this I think you mean “are your cookies really fresh?” Good question. I prefer to bake several times a week in small batches (rather than large batches that get stretched out over time) so that the cookies my customers purchase are truly wonderful. I use no preservatives so freshness is key. The cookies will however be delicious for several days after purchase. My personal preference is EAT ‘EM right away and then go back for more.

Do you deliver?

I am excited to announce that I have teamed up with a courier service to bring the cookies to your (or your loved ones) doorstep. It is best to give me 24 hours notice so that I can bake your cookies to order and set up the delivery time but its also possible to accept rush jobs. Give me a call to discuss your specific needs.

Do you ship cookies?

The online store is up and running!! Click on “shop” on the home page and you will easily find your way around the store. If you do have questions, please feel free to send me an email or call. Shipments go out via USPS Mondays through Wednesdays. If you are desperate for you order to go out sooner, please call and I will do my best to help.

Do your cookies have preservatives, artificial ingredients, colorings, or otherwise horrifying ingredients in them?

You probably see where I’m going with this one. No, there are none of the above – no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, colorings, corn syrup, unpronounceable ingredients in my cookies. My cookies are essentially the same cookies you would make in your own home if you had the time and desire. I am a professional in a professional kitchen with the heart of a home cook.

Are your cookies organic?

I use organic ingredients whenever possible however no VLC cookie is entirely organic. I will continue to search for high quality organic ingredients and incorporate them as I can. What I do do is search out the very best ingredients I can find. I purchase my eggs from a man whose farm is within ten miles of the bakery. That doesn’t mean that I limit myself to local. The dulce de leche in the Booty Bars is from Argentina (La Salamandra), the chocolate and cocoa is from Belgium (Callebaut), the organic crystallized ginger is from Thailand. My goal is to bring the best flavors to my cookies, and ultimately to my customers.

Are your cookies safe for people with nut allergies?

I do use many nuts – walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts,  etc. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

What is a “Lucy”?

Lucy is a cookie that is unique to Victory Love and Cookies. It is always based on almond paste and it is always intensely flavored. Lucys are not about subtle flavors. Their texture has been described as “like a jellybean” and while that is not entirely accurate, its not too far off the mark. So that is “what” a lucy is. Who is Lucy? My cat who, like the cookie, never fails to inspire a love struck grin.