If you’ve read my previous post you realize that I have been on a serious chocolate chip binge. In the case of Serena’s its simply a change of name.  I had been working on Grant’s Chocolate Chunk, got sidetracked by a variation that frankly Grant would not approve of, and ended up with what I was calling 2.0 as a working name.  It went through several stages over the course of a few weeks but now its truly the cookie I my tastebuds were yearning for.  Its an intense, sexy, powerhouse of a cookie deserving a more fitting name than 2.0.  I asked customers, I polled Facebook, but in the end I knew that this cookie had to be named after a bold, sexy warrior woman and Serena Williams is that woman.  Serena’s it is and this cookie is competition ready!

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

I had no intention of creating yet another chocolate chip cookie.  For the past five years or so I’ve had two chocolate chip cookies on my menu.  The Chocolate Chip with Walnuts which is my traditional chocolate chip and has garnered an impressive (thank you everybody!) number of awards.  Everyone from Food and Wine magazine to Fox News to the neighborhood free newspaper has graced VLC with top marks for that specific chocolate chip.  Then, I also have the Grant’s Chocolate Chunk which I created for my young son, back when he was in middle school.  He wanted a nut free chocolate chip cookie and after much pleading I relented.  I ended up with a cookie that he loves, and many customers who agree with his choice.  Well, now my son is a Cal Poly student, not a middle schooler, and I, being the never satisfied cookie baker, thought it was time to “update” the Grant’s for a bit more of a sophisticated flavor.  Hmmm, you probably know where this is going.  I chased that flavor rabbit down quite a few holes and it wasn’t until I thought to myself “this cookie needs pecans” did I realize that I had lost Grant somewhere along the way.  I lost Grant but I found a cookie that I can’t put down.  (Help —– I am eating all of the cookies!!!).  So, now what?  Does any cookie company actually need three chocolate chip cookies?  No, probably not but I’m not willing to give up the new one and of course my customers and Grant are enamored of the originals.  So, long story short:  we will have three chocolate chip cookies:  Chocolate Chip with Walnuts, Grant’s Original Chocolate Chunk, and what is for now being called 2.0 (Grant is an engineering student and this new cookie was born from his original so for now we’ll go with this geeky name).  And what of that new one?  It still begins with browned butter, but I’ve added cinnamon, balsamic vinegar (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!), some bittersweet chocolate, and Murray River Sea Salt.  Oh, and yes, toasted pecans.  Now I just have to find a way to PUT THE COOKIE DOWN!