Grandma Rosie’s Pecan Oat

I am excited to share another recipe with the world.  This time it is Grandma Rosie’s Pecan Oat and will be appearing in a syndicated newspaper column written by Giselle Massi.  (If you’ve missed the other recipe that has been published lately please check out 5280 Magazine’s Cookbook for Lemon Lucy.  You can purchase it at local markets – Whole Foods, Sprouts, Tattered Cover Bookstore.)    Giselle’s column is about wisdom and aging and she’s captured my story of learning to bake with my Grandmother Rosie when I was not quite big enough to reach the kitchen counter.  I am so very delighted and honored to be the first of her subjects.  When the column appears, I will let you all know but for now, here is the recipe:


Grandma Rosie’s Pecan Oat

Butter, unsalted 1 cup
Brown sugar 1 ¼ cups
Sugar ½ cup
Salt ¾ tsp
Cinnamon ¼ tsp
Allspice pinch
Ginger ¼ tsp
Clove 1/8 tsp

Eggs 2
Vanilla ½ tsp

King Arthur flour 2 cups
Baking soda 1 tsp
Oats 2½ cups

Sundried cherries ½ cup
Dried apricots 1/3 cup
Pecans, toasted, chopped super fine ¾ cup
Coconut, dried shredded ¾ cup

Mixing: I like to flavor my butter intensely rather than adding spices to the flour so please cream together the butter, both sugars, salt, and spices. This process should take at least a couple of minutes at high speed in a standing mixer (assuming that the butter is room temperature; if not it could take longer).

Combine the eggs and vanilla and add to the butter / sugar mixture. Completely combine these two – this should take three minutes or so more. Finally, add the dry ingredients (flour, oats, baking soda) – mix just until combined, maybe a minute. Now finish with all of the dried fruit and coconut, mix well.

Scrape the entire mixture into a large stainless bowl or a plastic storage container and leave OVERNIGHT in the refrigerator. (Do not bake the cookies sooner than overnight; the dough needs to absorb the extra liquid of the eggs and vanilla before baking.)

You can bake these cookies in batches, over the next few days, as desired.

Scoop into large tablespoons and bake at 375 for approx. 12 min. They should not be overly brown.

Final step, enjoy with someone you love.

A cookie for every lunchbox.

Forget about that chicken for every pot thing.  What matters here is “where’s my cookie?”.  Going back to school or work after a summer of vacation is bad enough but you can turn that frown upside down with a little sweet surprise tucked into your baby’s lunchbox.  And don’t forget about your honey’s briefcase – we all need a little extra lovin’ when that alarm clock comes out of hibernation.  Fun new fall flavors are Butterscotch Cashew – a super duper delicious, chewy, little wonder featuring Lyle’s Golden Syrup.  And Papa G’s – for that adult who needs a little oomph to get through another day at the office: whiskey-soaked dried cherries, hazelnuts, milk chocolate chips, maple syrup, and buckwheat flour.  Sounds almost healthy but that is not my intention – my aim is purely for flavor and this one has it!  So when you go to roust your loved ones out of bed, and they silently curse you (and we all know that is what is really going on), believe me, you’ll not only be forgiven but exalted when they open their lunch and find a big fat hug in the form of a VLC cookie!