Its my Booty-day and I’ll shake it if I want to.

Its not every day a girl turns 50.  And just like I’ve heard all my life, I don’t FEEL 50.  I keep reminding myself that I am an “adult” and I should probably act like one but where’s the fun in that?  So, I’ll go play like a kid but I am leaving you, my sweet dear customers, with some fun as well……….. BOOTY BARS!!  They will be at the front counter of the bakery this weekend and if you feel like shaking what your mama gave you while you indulge we promise we won’t catch you on video – unless you want to be of course!  Just think, you could be the next YouTube sensation!  Shake it baby, Shake it!!!

Cookies and beer!

Ok, first let me qualify:  I am not a beer drinker.  I live in Colorado which is renowned for its artisan beers and I grew up in West Germany (yes, it still was ‘west’ at that time) so its not that I don’t recognize good beer, its just not my beverage of choice.  So when Jonathan Bender contacted me to contribute to his book “Cookies and Beer” I was delighted but also somewhat perplexed.  I talk to my customers all of the time and regularly hear about how well the cookies pair with beer but again, not being a beer drinker myself, I have no point of reference.  Anyway, long story short, I asked around for feedback ie “if you could choose one of my cookies and match it up with a beer, which would you choose?”.  This question was of course posed to my beer aficionado friends.  The final choice?  Chai Spice – a lovely, crunchy, somewhat lively cookie with all of the flavors of a delicious tea.  I gave the recipe to Mr. Bender and he has included it in his book, Cookies and Beer,  which is due out October 6th from Andrews McMeel Publishing.  What beer did he choose?  I don’t actually know yet.  I hope its from Colorado!